©Maki Ohkojima
Photo Serge Koutchinsky


2013 pencil and acrylic on cotton mounted on panel 800×500cm 
Photo Serge Koutchinsky 
in Sebastian Fandacion, Mexico city

The Five Elements.
Serge Koutchinsky Project for Sebastian Foundation in Mexico. 

Air: Serge Koutchinsky 
Ether: Maki Ohkojima
Earth: Gustavo Monroy
Water: Rafael Gaytán
Fire: Rubén Arena

Earth: State of the solid material, whose main attribute is the stability or rigidity.

Water: liquid state of matter, whose characteristic attribute is the flow. Water is an unstable substance.

Fire: Power capable of transforming a solid liquid or gas, and vice versa, and increase or decrease the relative order of a

substance. The attribute characterizing Fire is transformation. Fire is without substance.

Air: gaseous state of matter, whose essential characteristic is mobility and dynamism. Air is without form.

Ether: Field where everything is clear and that everything

returns, ether is associated with the area in which the establishment is extended. Space, having no physical existence, is embodied in the distance. 







Photo Serge Koutchinsky